Whether it is due to bad weather, school closures, or a long-term illness, just because your kids are home doesn’t mean they can’t have fun learning. Here are a few ideas to keep your time spent indoors interesting, exciting, and even educational.


Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Did you know that you can explore the world from your computer? Museums like the Louvre, the Guggenheim, the Smithsonian, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are just a few that offer digital tours. Now you and your kids can visit museums around the world from the comfort of your couch.


Play games together

What better time to play board or card games then when you are stuck at home! Take the opportunity to play old favorites or teach your child/children a new game. If you want to make things even more interesting, turn the day into a game tournament where each person picks their favorite game and the one who wins the most games in the day wins a prize – a new game for the family! Many games also provide opportunities for you child to practice what they’ve learned in school, like math and counting.


Build in story time

Reading to children has many proven benefits, but it can be hard to make story time a priority. Extra time is a gift, so why not spend the time reading together? This is not only a great way to instill a love of reading in your child, but reading together can also create lasting memories.


Write letters to loved ones

Everyone enjoys getting letters from someone they love. Take an afternoon to write to grandparents, cousins, or friends. Be sure to add some flair to your letters by adding pictures, drawing something special, or including an original poem.


Get crafty

Get creative with your kids and tackle a craft project together. It doesn’t have to be messy to be a lot of fun. Check out the Best Ideas for Kids website for some simple and fun craft ideas for an art day.


Have a movie marathon

Revisit old favorites or watch new movies for the day! Grab some snacks, cuddle up with a blanket, and kick back with your kids. Add an extra level of fun by creating an awesome blanket fort to enjoy your movies from while enjoying an indoor picnic.


Stay active

YouTube and other streaming services have a variety of at home workout videos for you and your kids to explore. You could try Zumba together, participate in an online yoga class, or do a calisthenics routine. If working out isn’t your thing why not create an obstacle course, jump rope, or play Hopscotch. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t stay active.


Keep Learning

If you and your kids are stuck at home for a long period of time, use some of the day to make education a priority. There are many online resources and workbooks targeted to your child’s grade level. So, every day have your kids spend time engaged in quality online learning or paper pencil activities in each of their core subject areas. There are also some fun ways to incorporate learning into activities, such as hands-on science experiments or games that are centered around learning.


Tying it all together

Staying home doesn’t have to be a drag. While it may not be ideal, take advantage of the time spent together indoors and make the time not only memorable but worthwhile. If the weather permits, spend time outside in the yard as well for a dose of sunshine and fresh air! Many of the indoor activities listed above can become outdoor home activities.

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