It’s amazing to read about and live vicariously through the experiences of interesting women. When a book connects to our shared truths and the journey comes to its inevitable end, the time spent reading was well worth it. The characters or authors have become kindred spirits and it makes the goodbye that much harder.

Finishing your book means you must begin the quest for another great read, but how can you find something just as rewarding as what you finished? The task is often daunting…what genre, what author, what topic? Look no further: check out some of these must-read books about and for women.


Bad Feminist – Roxane Gay

In this collection of personal essays, Roxane Gay explores the struggles of being a self-proclaimed “feminist”, not only from a cultural perspective, but from a personal look at the pressure women face when trying to uphold an ever-changing set of feminist principles.  This book is a must read for those who feel like a “bad feminist”.


A Woman of No Importance – Sonia Purnell

This novel follows the true story of a remarkable woman who played a vital role in the liberation of France during World War II. While history may have forgotten Virginia Hall, Sonia Purnell highlights her contributions to the war, gender expectations, and the treatment of those with disabilities.


Spinster – Kate Bolick

Marriage has played a major role in shaping a woman’s identity since, it seems, the beginning of our existence. That is, at least, what Kate Bolick argues in Spinster, a novel that explores the idea of marriage and the pleasures and possibilities that come with staying single. If you are looking for a book about female empowerment, becoming your own knight in shining armor, or exploring how marriage defines us as women, this is the read for you.


Gross Anatomy: Dispatches from the front (and Back) – Mara Altman

What teenage girl didn’t have a tumultuous relationship with her body? In fact, some of us never really grow out of it. In Altman’s book, she explores all of the questions you might have asked yourself at one point or another – how sweaty is too sweaty? Where are you supposed to have body hair (and how much)? This book is sure to bring back memories and you probably will have answers to questions you didn’t know you had!


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

This story is about Eleanor Oliphant, a blunt and socially challenged recluse, as she tries to open her heart and connect with her fellow co-workers. You experience fully what it feels to be Eleanor wading through a variety of new experiences including becoming friends with an equally interesting IT man from her office. Funny and unexpected, this book will keep you off balance and engaged until the surprising conclusion.

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