Whether you are thinking about having kids, are about to have a baby, or just gave birth to one, you may be wondering about sex after delivery. After having a baby, how long should you wait before having sex? Will it feel different? Does it affect a couple’s desire to have sex?

Here are some answers to common questions that run through most couple’s minds when they contemplate romance after welcoming their baby home.


How long after giving birth should we wait to have sex?

Most doctors agree that women should wait at least six weeks after giving birth before having sex. This gives your body time to heal from the trauma of childbirth and the residual discharge from childbirth will have dissipated by then. However, don’t feel like you have to put a clock on yourself; listen to your body and take it slow. If you need more than six weeks, that is okay too. 


Will sex feel different after giving birth?

The short answer: yes, it will. In fact, for most women, sex may not initially feel as pleasant as it did before. This is because estrogen levels drop significantly after childbirth and remain low while nursing. The lack of estrogen can cause menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and tightening of the vaginal tissue. These side effects paired with the lingering trauma of the delivery may make the thought of postpartum sex even less appealing! However, there is no need to despair. Hormone levels will eventually even out, the body will heal, and sex will start to feel good again.


Will my vagina be more sensitive than before?

For a period of time after giving birth, your vagina will be more sensitive as it continues to heal from childbirth and as your hormones level out. After some recovery time, some women do find that they are more sensitive to vaginal sensation and are able to have more intense orgasms due to this increased sensitivity.


Will I ever feel sexy again?

Of course, you will; however, it is perfectly natural to not feel sexy postpartum. Take some time getting to know your new little one and getting to know your new body.  Pregnancy and childbirth, whether done vaginally or by C-Section, will change your body. But just because something is different, doesn’t mean it’s worse. Honor what your body just went through and explore what has changed. Don’t focus too much on getting back to where you were before the baby, but rather, appreciate where you are now.


Do my partner and I need to use protection after giving birth?

A common myth is that women who just gave birth cannot become pregnant – if you don’t use some protection during postpartum sex there is a possibility of becoming pregnant again. Even if you and you partner are interested in having more kids, it is still important to use protection for at least six months after giving birth as the chances of a premature birth and genetic disorders are greater for those babies conceived right after the mother has delivered a child.


Tying it All Together

Sex after babies is a common area of concern for most expecting couples. If you or your partner are seeking for more, specific information, consult with your obstetrician/gynecologist as she or he can provide support and directly address your concerns.

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