How Women Can Feel Their Best This September

There’s nothing better than a way to make you feel like a strong and empowered woman. This September, there’s a whole day dedicated to just that! Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day with your ladies by taking time to prioritize being a strong and healthy woman. There are things you can do every day and on this national observation to help you feel your very best.

Everyday changes

If you’re looking to make every day health and fitness changes to your life, then consider some of these easy updates to make to your routine:

  • Manage your mental health – mental health is just as important as physical health! If you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, or just need someone to talk to then seek out professional help. Therapists, counselors, and even nurse practitioners are great resources when you need to talk to someone to give you professional advice.

  • Start a skincare routine – from your face down to your legs, taking care of your body’s biggest organ is key to maintaining health. Clinique has affordable facial moisturizers with glycerin will help keep your skin feeling soft all day long. Popular shaving brand, Harry’s, has launched its sister brand targeted towards women. Flamingo has shaving products that are formulated to boost skin’s health overtime to keep your entire body radiant while you shave.

  • Keep up with appointments – doctors, dentists, and other health appointments should be made and attended regularly. Going to an annual check-up with your primary care and bi-annual dentist appointments can give you peace of mind when it comes to your health.


On National Women’s Health and Fitness day

There are plenty of fun activities you can participate in on September 25th to boost your health and empower yourself as a strong woman!

  • Work out with your friends – head to a local gym, yoga studio, or just to the park and exercise with some of your best girlfriends. On Women’s Health and Fitness Day use the hashtag #WomensHealthFitnessDay and a location tag on social media to find other women getting active in your area!

  • Go to a local event – there are likely events in your area to celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Whether it’s a walk, a free class, or a meetup – go network with other like-minded women and celebrate this awesome day!

  • Sign up for a fitness challenge – lots of gyms and online influencers host fitness challenges. If this is something you’ve been considering, then take this day to sign up for one! Fitness challenges are usually a few weeks long and consist of a nutrition and exercise plan to follow. Plus, there’s almost always a prize at the end! So, compete against others or crush a personal goal.

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