Trying to keep your home clean is no easy task. Many of us spend most of our cleaning time on routine chores like vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down the most commonly used surfaces in our homes. Often, we overlook a few things that can collect grime and germs. Adding these items to a regular cleaning routine can eliminate these hidden germs in your home. Here are a few tips to clean these difficult and often-forgotten items.


Window Tracks

When was the last time you cleaned your window tracks? Window tracks accumulate a lot of tough grime and it is hard to scrub these tight areas. Vacuuming with the hose attachment allows you to collect the accumulated debris with ease. A solution of white vinegar and baking soda and scrubbing with toothbrush will eliminate years of dust and dirt.


Screen Doors

Screen doors trap air born particles and over time begin to look grubby. Rather than take every window screen off to clean with a hose, consider letting a lint roller do the hard work. Simply run a lint roller over the screen on both sides and you will quickly see a difference. Using this trick every few months will save you from having to power wash these screens every time you want a cleaner view.


Door Knobs and Light Switches

We often forget that door knobs and light switches need regular cleaning, but the good news is that adding these items to your regular cleaning routine won’t be too difficult. Make a point to clean each knob and light switch with a disposable disinfectant wipe or use vinegar and a clean cloth to do the job. Simple to do, important to clean.


TV Remotes

Another household item that we use almost every day but hardly ever clean is the TV remote. Before you start, remove any batteries from the back of the remote. Then, use a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes to rub down the surface of the remote. Don’t forget to clean the back of the remote, as well. Replace the batteries, and viola, now you have a clean remote control.


Garbage Cans

Your indoor garbage cans see a lot of action throughout the year, which is why bacteria and germs can build up inside. When the weather is nicer, take your trashcans outside and spray them down with a hose. Use your favorite dish soap and a new toilet brush to remove any built-up grime. Once clean, dry off and give the cans a quick spray with some disinfectant for good measure.



Floor and ceiling vents allow for air flow in our homes and in the process accumulate dust and grime. Take off the vent covers and pop them into the dishwasher for cleaning.  Be sure to vacuum out the air ducts, as well.


Tying it all together

Cleaning these often-forgotten things will add some time to your cleaning routine, however, you will be rewarded with a cleaner, healthier home.

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